Qlik enables finance organizations to streamline manual inefficiencies, expedite processes, and increase transparency.

From the financial close to strategically partnering with the business, all finance professionals are empowered to perform analysis to new levels - optimizing budgets, reducing costs and risks, maintaining control, and increasing margins and unit optimizations.

Complete enterprise visibility.

With Qlik, finance users and managers can analyze large volumes of expense data from disparate sources in a single, intuitive expense application.

Integrate data from multiple sources and align governance models with business for greater transparency.

Unprecedented market turmoil requires securities and investments firms to constantly adapt to an ever changing regulatory and competitive landscape. Wasteful costs must be eliminated while risk exposures are managed and client relationships are strengthened. Firms who can quickly analyze and adapt to market fluctuations and macroeconomic conditions are most likely to succeed.

Optimize budget allocations and forecasting

  • Improve understanding of market risk, credit risk and intra-day liquidity
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities and manage expenses
  • Maximize effectiveness and profitability of trading
  • Analyze portfolio and multi asset class investment performance
  • Provide external clients with powerful self service analytics
  • Optimize trade-life-cycles and streamline operations

Unlock the power of information for revenue and profitability management and transform business

Over 2,500 financial services institutions rely on the QlikView platform, including all of the top 5 securities and investments firms based in North America and Europe*, because it empowers business users and decision-makers, providing access to on demand analysis, insights and business discovery.
* 2011 "Forbes 2000" list