QlikView for SAP®

Fully Leverage Your Wealth of Data Contained in SAP®

No Gimmicks, Just Years of Proven Results

SAP® users have tried everything to get to their data: spreadsheets, Crystal Reports, "Rapid Marts", loading BW InfoCubes into a BI accelerator-at incredible time, cost and frustration. QlikView, through its unique, in-memory associative technology, delivers rapid data visibility and unprecedented decision-making agility for all of your business and technical users in a single product, versus a BI stack of products.

In far less time and at lower cost, SAP® customers across the globe have upgraded to QlikView in order to complement or replace their existing BI analysis and reporting solutions.

Using QlikView, SAP® customers can:
  • Combine and analyze data, easily and quickly, from SAP® R/3®, mySAP™, SAP BW and non-SAP sources (with or without data warehousing)
  • Empower business users to perform most of their own data analysis and reporting with Google-like simplicity, reducing required IT support for BI by up to 90%
  • Give users the ability to visualize information in a wide variety charts, graphs and tables, as well as the ability to interact with SAP® data in real time
  • Reduce the time to make critical business decisions by weeks
  • Implement or upgrade analytics for any existing SAP® infrastructure within days, not months
  • Expand acceptance and enterprise use of analytics to make decisions that drive business performance

QlikView increases the business value of SAP® data

The inability to easily access and analyze data captured in SAP® is well known. SAP reporting and analytics lack flexibility, especially when large data volumes cripple system performance, and when needing to integrate data from non-SAP sources. Visibility into BI across financial, transactional and operational processes is limited. Information updates take time. All of this impacts the accuracy and immediacy of business decisions. With the speed and power of QlikView, SAP customers increase the business value of their SAP data for employees and business partners.