Critical to a hosting environment, IntelliData logging allows our network administrators to provide customers with an actionable resource for further diagnostic and support as part of our affordable hosting solution. Logging users successful and failed attempts at accessing the system or various other criteriaprovides valuable associative information for determining and identifying potential security risks and opportunities in the system.

IntelliData logging creates logs displaying systems access activity to determine regular and irregular access patterns and ensure overall system security and integrity.HIPAA section §164.312 (b) calls for hardware, software, and/or procedural mechanisms that record and examine activity in the information systems that contain or use electronic protected information.

Log files are reviewed regularly to determine if security measures and protocols are maintaining the integrity of the client’s resources and information or if any changes need to be researched and or applied to better secure client’sprotected information.

Flexible report generation based on various criteria as desired by network administrators.  Examples of such criteria would be reports generated by username, application, date, and time in order to determine if a criteriawere excessively accessing system resources or generating errors. This type of log report would allow IntelliData’snetwork administrators to identify potential compromised accounts, application issues or potential security risk and rectify them in a timely manner to ensure the overall integrity and security of the system.