Managed Hosting Services

IntelliData Solutions provides Managed Hosting Services. Our datacenter lets you stay in control of dedicated server(s) allowing you to focus your time running and building your business without allocating resources to managing hardware and day-to-day IT management.

Applications are only be as responsive and consistent as the infrastructure they run on. Infrastructure design needs to be predicated on the needs of each application to be implemented to ensure consistent performance, reliability and growth.

Specific types of applications may have particular performance, availability or security requirements. Other applications (i.e. proprietary, legacy systems) can not be reengineered cost effectively for cloud platforms. In addition, server capacity may be required without the commitment of owning, securing, managing and maintaining the infrastructures needed to run servers where you may want to retain control over specific workloads, data and applications.

Hand Free Processes. IntelliData Solutions manages the infrastructure routine maintenance, including monitoring, patching, capacity planning and hardware refreshes.  We reduce the infrastructure burden on your team and budget so you can focus on running the business and not worry about application or server fails.

Focus on enterprise growth. Our scaling infrastructure gives you the freedom and flexibility to enter new markets and launch new products and services quickly with the assurance that your server capacity will scale with you without exception.