Mission Statement

” To give customers the most insightful, actionable and value-adding analytics in tandem with cloud infrastructure generating the best possible experience.”

IntelliData Solutions, Inc., specializes in implementing Qlik business intelligence solutions, Managed Hosting Services, Web and software development solutions. Our services are focused on bridging the gap between people, knowledge and process.

Organizations large and small are fundamentally the same. Organizations are groups of people collaborating together to achieve specific goals as established by the organizations.

Collaboration is simply interactions between people. Collaboration without structured process and knowledge results in less than optimal communication that can cause misunderstanding or deriving the wrong conclusions that could be detrimental to a company’s profitability.

Knowledge is the result of people understanding each other or the data generated from the collaboration and workflow during the normal course of business.

IntelliData solutions are designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s interactions through the implementation of the following solutions.

  • Business Intelligence
    • Generate insight and knowledge from raw data stored across multiple disparate systems
    • Support strategic, tactical and operational management & planning
    • Improve collaboration and communication among employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, and other business partners
  • Managed Hosting Services
    • Data management with managed cloud storage
    • Optimized Server for availability and performance
    • Qlik Hosting
  • Web Development
    • Create engaging and interactive websites enhancing SEO and user participation
    • Develop websites that reflect organizational branding and style
    • Polished professional websites that promote lead generation
  • Application Development
    • Develop custom applications to satisfy specific data capture, process or workflow requirements
    • Build extension solutions for existing systems
    • Integrate multiple desperate systems